I’m often asked about my company name.  Firstly, how do you spell Feldspar and secondly, what does it mean?  Why did I choose it?

Well, I love moonstones and jewellery and so hit upon ‘Feldspar’ as my company name which is the geological term for the group of minerals that moonstones belong to.

However, I recently decided to investigate the properties of feldspar further to see if the name had further meaning to my business.  Feldspars are the most commonly occurring minerals in the earth’s crust and are used in glassmaking and ceramics.  All very interesting.  But I was also interested in other properties.

clear glass figurines

Photo by Erin Profaci on Pexels.com

I discovered that feldspar is often seen to be the stone of new beginnings as the colour of the stones are reminiscent of the night sky, with darkness giving way to light.  It is also the stone of reflection, used in self observation, improvement and growth, inspiring passion and creativity.

What could be a more perfect name for my business which is focussed on enabling people and organisations to achieve change.

I’m always interested in stories and I’ve always been able to tell a story about my business name, which I hope is memorable.  But now I can tell an even more interesting story about the way in which my company name reflects the way that I want to work with my clients.  Encouraging new beginnings and growth.  Inspiring creativity and energy.  And bringing light during dark times.