Meaningful change through conversations at all levels in organisations

Over years of working with many different organisations in many different situations, the common thread is that all organisations are trying to create change.

This could be to improve individual and organisation performance.  It may be that there is a need to adapt to changing business environments or product markets.  Or it could be the introduction of new working processes, technology or ways of working.  It could be creating new teams or bringing existing teams together.  It could be restructuring or redundancy.  So many aspects of organisations today are based in creating change.

What makes the difference between organisations and individuals that are successful in creating change and those that are not is that successful organisations have real conversations at all levels.  And conversation means dialogue, not just talking.  Sometimes this can seem scary.  And intimidating as surely there is a lot of talking in organisations already?  But, how much of this talking is truly two way?  Often this talking is noise rather than meaningful conversation.

We can help

We can help you to have better conversations at levels in your organisation using our proven ChangeStories™ methodology and tools.  ChangeStories™ gives you the tools that you need to start talking to your employees about change, or anything else for that matter, in order to stimulate conversation and lead to greater change success.

Susanne also works as a coach to individuals at all levels within organisations (and on a personal basis) to help them to create change and achieve their personal and professional goals and overcome the barriers that are holding them back.