We believe that change needs to be human not process driven

One of our greatest insights into how change succeeds (or not) is that change must be driven by people and not become a project or a process.  Too often, change in organisations is led by a project plan rather than what is possible in that organisation.  In this scenario, people are not at the heart of change.  So, what needs to be done differently?

We believe that there is a need to think about change differently.  This is not to criticize existing approaches and tools that are used in organisations.  However, focusing too much on project management and processes can mean that important aspects of change are missed.  And, existing research shows that most change fails, although there is some disagreement about the exact percentage.  Some say it is as high as 70% failure rate.  There is no single best practice model to follow to create change and yet, often it is a linear, process driven model that is used in organisations to implement a change.

Our research shows that people within organisations change as individuals, not as a group, and so any change needs to be focused on the individual.  Change is too often treated as a rational process, underplaying the emotions and values of the individuals involved and the culture and history of the organisation.

We can help

ChangeStories™  enables everyone in the organisation to be engaged in the change process.  We can work with organisations to engage in dialogue, value challenges and create change at an individual and an organisation level.  This enables organisations to become resilient and agile in their approach to change and ultimately leads to greater opportunities for change success.