I am running an online event on 27th January with David Lee, focused on using stories to drive change.  This will be an online discussion where we share our experiences of storytelling in organisations and discuss what works and what doesn’t!


To become a more interesting, persuasive, and memorable communicator—and therefore become able to get better results from others—it is essential to learn how to intersperse stories in your communication.

Stories enable you to:

• Make your message and key points come to life and live on in your listeners’ minds.

• Help individuals and teams shift from an “I/we can’t” to an “I/we can do this!” mind-set.

• Challenge people’s limiting beliefs and perspectives without being confrontational…and therefore without triggering resistance or defensiveness.


Although using storytelling in the business world is a hot topic, many people still don’t understand how to use this powerful communication method in a business setting.


Many mistakenly believe that storytelling means being a long-winded raconteur or making up fictional tales that are supposed to mesmerize their colleagues, while others believe they “just aren’t a good storyteller” and are somehow genetically incapable of telling stories. None of this could be further from the truth. Humans have been using storytelling to communicate since the beginning of civilization, our brains are hard-wired to understand and remember stories more easily than “non-story” communication.

You already tell stories in your everyday life when you talk about your weekend, a vacation, or something crazy a co-worker did.

Using stories in a business setting is about becoming more intentional about why, when, and how to use them to help you achieve specific goals, whether you are using them to:

• Make your mission and vision understandable and inspiring

• Help employees embrace change

• Help someone become more self-aware of counterproductive behaviors that are holding them back professionally

• Coach someone on how to act in new and more effective ways

• Make your new hire orientation programs more interesting and inspiring

In this lively discussion, Susanne Evans and David Lee will share their decades of experience using storytelling as a vehicle for helping to catalyze change in individuals and organizations. You will walk away with both a clearer understanding of how to use stories in various business situations, and how you can start to use common everyday experiences as material for future stories.

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Dr Susanne Evans is a consultant, coach, trainer and researcher in the area of storytelling and organisation change. She works with individuals and organisations to enable them to use stories to create more human and engaging places of work. She is also the host of the ChangeStories podcast where she shares stories of change and growth. To find out more, connect with her on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/susanneevans or take a look at her website www.feldsparconsulting.com

David Lee has been using and teaching storytelling as a change catalyst for 30 years. He is the author of Powerful Storytelling Techniques (ASTD Press) as well as articles on the topic. The third edition of The Talent Handbook includes a chapter of his on using storytelling in onboarding. You can reach him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidlee-maine/ or david@humannatureatwork.com.