ChangeStories – The Book

Susanne’s book ‘ChangeStories : How to have powerful conversations, tell inspiring stories and build engagement for transformation’ will be published by Practical Inspiration Publishing on 12th November 2024.

Organization change can be messy. Much of what matters takes place under the surface, and overlooking these hidden factors – as most change programmes do – too often results in failure and frustration. What’s the answer? More thoughtful conversation, inquiry and storytelling, which enable leaders to understand more fully what is happening under the surface in their organization and have better communication and engagement with their teams.

Based on her academic research and over 25 years of consultancy practice, Dr Susanne Evans’s ChangeStoriesTM approach enables leaders and change practitioners to have more meaningful conversations about change, create stories that can reduce resistance to change and increase engagement, and ultimately ensure the benefits of a change programme are realized.

This is a complete guide to building storytelling, inquiry and conversation into your everyday practice, including step-by-step guides, templates and case studies.

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