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Reducing costs and improving efficiency

Organisations are now being forced to examine their costs and in most organisations, their people costs account for a high proportion of operating costs.  When considering how to reduce costs, it is important to take a structured and methodical approach to avoid skills gaps, reduced morale and a reduction in performance.

Our approach will enable your organisation to take a proactive approach to cost reduction by:

  • Focusing on the key objectives for your organisation and identifying strategic and tactical opportunities to
    reduce people costs whilst maintaining organisational performance.
  • Considering the external environment and customer requirements before implementing any changes.
  • Managing employees through periods of potential restructuring and uncertainty.

What Our Clients Say

"Susanne Evans is a highly experienced HR professional with whom it has been a pleasure to work. As well as working together to support a local utilities company and a county council, First Class has jointly organised an event for the Pubic Sector with Feldspar Consulting Limited. Susanne is highly personable, reliable and deserves her excellent reputation. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Mel Ashworth, First Class Training Ltd